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This is an instruction guide for any complex interactions, layouts and/or hidden elements within this template. Please email us at if you come across any issues pertaining to these topics or for any other inquiries about this template.

Style Guide

Updating headings and paragraphs

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Updating color swatches

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Finding + updating every demo navbar menu

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Demo 3 - 'On Scroll' navbar

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CMS layouts

Layout variations for News Template and Careers (Job Listing) Template

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Pop Ups

Finding + updating 'Full Screen Pop Up'

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Finding  + updating 'Hello Bar Pop Up'

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Demo 1 Home Page Progress Bar

***Please note that due to the complexity of the Progress Slider (Timeline) we had to recreate a customized mobile layout. This means, whatever styling or text changes you make to desktop WILL NOT carry over to mobile landscape or portrait. Mobile updates will need to be made separately.

Also, due to the complexity of this layout we recommend not trying to update the layout and only make text and styling updates.